At Wolfe Sleep & Wellness, we are dedicated to improving health through education and effective treatment. We often start with sleep improvement, as this is a cornerstone to health and wellness. We help with diagnosis, education and on-going training and therapy to both corporations and individuals.

About Dr. Valerie Wolfe


Dr. Wolfe has been working with patients and organizations since 1985. She has published her research on sleep and stress in peer reviewed journals, is a frequent presenter at national conferences and has helped launch internet-based treatments for a variety of issues. She has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Stanford University, Santa Clara University and California State University, East Bay. She is consistently praised for her amusing and practical evidence-based talks. During the last 30 years, Dr. Wolfe has worked with many organizations, including PG&E, Kaiser Permanente and the U.S. Air Force to improve sleep, health and wellness of their staff and clientele.  In addition, she has taught hundreds of physicians, psychologists and other health care professionals in using state of the art treatments to improve patient outcomes. 

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Proven interventions specifically tailored for you, using a variety of strategies to maximize positive change.

We know that the 50 minute hour or 90 minute lecture does not work for everyone. First, we will work together to define goals and discuss treatment options. Once we sketch out a plan we will continue to discuss how the interventions are going and review any changes that are needed. Change can be hard, but it is definitely achievable. We will use a variety of strategies to support and maintain positive change. Our goal is to maximize positive change and maintain any changes as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Speaking Engagements

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This is one of our most popular options as Dr. Valerie Wolfe is known for her entertaining, pragmatic, best practice talks on a variety of topics. Her talks typically qualify for continuing education credit for physicians and other health care professionals and she is a frequently requested presenter for professional and collegiate audiences.

Corporate Education

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Dr. Valerie Wolfe and her team can partner with your organization to improve teamwork, wellness, communication, efficiency and productivity. We encourage leaders in the organization to define their most important needs, while also paying attention to the front line expertise of their employees.

Individual Coaching/Therapy

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It’s easy to get stuck. Dr. Valerie Wolfe is incredibly helpful with difficult situations, circumstances, issues that arise. She is known for her caring, supportive and practical solutions. One client recently remarked, “You are more like my cheerleader and coach, than my psychologist.”


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The most important thing to remember in terms of sleep is that sleep quality is much more important than time spent asleep or sleep quantity. In fact, getting too much sleep can diminish sleep quality.  If you have poor sleep quality, you will not wake refreshed and energized, instead you may wake fuzzy and achy.  Good quality sleep is the key to feeling good, being healthy and productive.

Body, Mind and Spirit. In order to be happy we need to take care of our bodies, continue to challenge our minds and remain connected to others and nature.

Dr. Wolfe is an expert in a variety of techniques including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Couples and Family Therapy and Integrative Mental Health with knowledge of how meditation, nutrition and supplements can augment treatment. She has spent the last 25 years collaborating with physicians regarding medication management with difficult populations. There are a myriad of treatment options, Dr. Wolfe will help you discover and remember those that work best for you and help you create a plan to stay on track.


“Valerie Wolfe is one of the very best graduate students I have been privileged to work with in my 30 years of teaching at Stanford University. It has been a sheer delight to discuss a wide range of psychological issues with her and to observe her unbridled enthusiasm for conceptual research issues in psychology.”

Philip G. Zimbardo, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
Past President, American Psychological Association
Internationally renowned author & keynote speaker


“Valerie has been a welcome addition to our program in countless ways. She is entirely reliable, can work collaboratively as well as independently, understands the importance of linking research to practice (and vice versa) , is a pleasure to work with, and brings both intelligence and willingness to each of her encounters.”

Douglas Rait, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor, Stanford University
Director, Family Therapy Program, VA Palo Alto Medical Center

“Dr. Wolfe’s endpoint performance is excellent. She uses a data based approach to her clinical work which is reflected in her assessments, treatment and consultative responses. She is able to focus rapidly on key clinical issues and place them within the overall context of the person and his/her life situation.”

Al S. Fedoravicius, Ph.D.
Past Chief Albuquerque VAMC
Director, Behavior Therapy Associates


“One of Valerie’s greatest skills as a clinician is her ability to integrate theoretical information from research, classes and seminars to develop successful treatment interventions. She optimizes the researcher-practitioner model in a way in which her research and practice are intertwined.”

John D. Krumboltz
Professor Emeritus, Stanford University
American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Knowledge (2002) 

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